Replacement Crank Bolt for KH/Qu-Ax cranks/hub?

I have a Nimbus Hoppley which I am very happy with, but one day about two weeks ago, while riding, I looked down and saw that the right-side crank bolt had unscrewed itself 3/4s of the way out. When I screwed this back in with my fingers and examined the other side, I saw that the entire left-side crank bolt was missing. I thought this was very strange that both crank bolts would unscrew themselves after this normal riding.

I have the right crank-bolt, but I don’t want to ride without getting a replacement left one. I emailed UDC about 10 days ago about it, but, figures, I still haven’t gotten a reply back from them (I haven’t had the best experiences with them), so I’m asking here, hoping to get a reply that will answer the question

“will the Kris Holm Replacement Crank Bolt fit the KH hub/qu-ax cranks that are on the hoppley?”

I just want to make sure before I buy them.


Nope, you want this one

The 2005 model is the latest one, made in conjunction with Onza, what you have is the Kris Holm made hub that uses this particular bolt.

What he said.

I’d check at your local bike shop.

I needed mine replaced (one was banged up from grinding/pedal grabbing). I was having something else worked on on the uni and the mechanic asked me “You want me to throw some new bolts in here?” It surprised me b/c i just assumed that they were some kind of unicycle specific bolts, or at least specialized and expensive like the profile bitchin bolts. His comment gave me the impression that these bolts are pretty common. He didnt even charge me for 'em!

I cant garauntee that youll have the same experience, but it’s worth a try. :slight_smile:

thanks mango, timbob, and ntappin. I thought about bringing it to my lbs, but I too thought they were unicycle-specific bolts. I should have tried sooner; it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve rode.