Replacement Cpker seat port clamp.

I just bought a Coker, but I have been completely unhappy with the seat post clamp. I just can not get it tight enough for me. The wrench keeps slipping out. So I am looking for an alternative.

Yes, I tried changing the height on the tube. I also changed to better bolts, which worked until I stripped one of them.

I originally thought I would just order another 25.4 mm seat post clamp. So I ordered one like the one on my Nimbus Drak. It is 25.4 and I thought perfect. It says it “fits all 25.4” on the site. So I ordered it and then tried fitting the Nimbus Clamp on my Coker. It doesn’t fit. The Coker frame is that much thicker. I should have tried it first then ordered.

So my questions is, what does fit the Coker? I searched the threads and there are some old post for the old smaller seat posts.

Will this fit the Coker?

It is a couple mm larger. So does anyone out there have a recommendation?

I have a Coker with a 25.4mm seat post. The frame tube it fits into measures 31.8mm OD (I just measured it). It has a Salsa quick-release clamp that is marked “32.0.” It fits nice and tight, and you can adjust the tightness pretty easily.
This is it here:
I don’t know if Coker has changed it’s tube diameter since mine was made (I got it used from munivision on this forum, so I don’t know exactly what year it is), so you might want to double-check your own tube dia.
good luck,

Thanks LanceB. I will check it. Just what I was looking for!

But a little pricey! I was hoping for under $15.

May want to check out this Nashbar clamp if you need a 31.8mm diameter like LanceB said.

Nashbar Delux Seatpost Collar

I can’t vouch for this particular clamp, nor do I know whether it will work with your uni; but I have been buying Nashbar products for a long time and have always been happy with them. It’s worth looking at since it’s $5 and you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

But even if you do need to fork over $35 for the Salsa clamp, it’ll be worth it to get your Coker back in action.

I can vouch for the Salsa QR clamp. I’ve had one on my KH29 for a while and, with dual hole cranks, it gets it’s fair share of use. I’ve heard that Hope also make a nice QR clamp. Neither are as cheap as the new Nimbus double QR clamp which I’ve just added to my Oracle. Review to follow once I’ve given it the once over.

P.S. Worst spelled thread title ever

Right you are! I guess I should wear my glasses more often!

Thanks for all the input. I am now leaning toward buying the more expensive option - the Salsa.

These aren’t 15$, but will fit your frame (should anyways). It’s a Nimbus clamp, but for a larger seatpost, which should make up for the larger frame.

It seems like these should be listed by frame tube diameter, not seatpost diameter. Frame wall thickness can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so you really can’t tell if it will fit, if you only have the seatpost diameter to go by.
Just my opinion.

I agree. I talked to this morning and they had handy the outside frame sizes. Great customer service as always. I ordered the Kris Holms Double Bolt. I ordered through I did find the information on this site:

But they don’t list it for all the clamps.

So I will see how it works. I saved a little money and I got a double bolt as I wanted.

Bolts are my preference after going to graduate school in a South Western town with high property theft. Bike seats with quick releases disapeared very quickly and even if they couldn’t get the bike they would take the parts. I parked my cheap bike for an hour outisde while I was in class. It was well locked through frame and both wheels. When I came out the seat was gone as well as the pedals. Now I shy away from quick releases and also moved back to the North East where my head doesn’t sunburn so easily. :slight_smile: Probably not a chance of a unicycle seat being stolen, but …

Nice, they come in cool colors, too.
That site has the best description I’ve seen, clearly stating what tube size the clamp fits, not the seatpost.

I agree about the quick-change stuff, pretty easy to steal. And some people will steal it just for the heck of it, not that they want it or want to sell it. Mine came with one, so there it is. I keep my uni in my garage or in the trunk of my car, so that solves the theft issue. (Unless they break into the car or garage, which is possible, but in that case my unicycle seat would be the least of my worries.)

Just adding a bit of info for any one who might have the same problem in the future. When I ordered my new Nimbus clamp I also went to the Coker site and noticed that the Coker clamp is only $3.00 and the shipping is free! So I also ordered one. It arrived yesterday and I put it on for my lunch ride. I had no problem with the allen wrench slipping and the clamp itself held strong. There was no slippage even with my UPD’s.

Perhaps it was a bad clamp - or at least the bolts. Just an option for someone who might be in the same situation.