Replacement Coker Hub?

Anyone else had a Coker hub twist on them?

I’ve bought my 36" Big One and I’ve ridden it twice, the left pedal split open and died and now the hub’s twisted so the cranks aren’t opposite each other.

I’ve had a scout round the forums and found not alot, looked on UDC but didn’t see anything but a really wide hub for a 36" and a £900 schlumpf. I know my wife would have something to say about the schlumpf one.

Also the cranks are shocking on this uni too, seem really weak and flexible, has anyone got a good suggestion for cranks too?

Has anyone got any advice for me, please?

Thanks in advance!

Have you checked to see if it is under warranty?

Unless you took it off a 5’ drop I don’t think that asking for a replacement would unreasonable.

The 48H UDC superwide hub should work if they won’t give you a replacement

Unless you have been doing something stupid on it, like doing huge jumps, I would insist on getting it repaired under warranty a Coker unicycle should last longer than 6 weeks. Get them to replace the cranks at the same time.

If it is the aluminum frame one it probably won’t fit the extra-wide hub.


Cool guys, thanks!

It’s only a few weeks old and I’ve done nothing but get on it and ride it twice.

The only thing I can think that might affect it is the fact that I hopped on it once to get my balance when I first mounted it.

It should be able to handle that though surely!