replace Summit frame with Yuni frame?

Anyone know if you can chuck the heavy Summit frame and then take the wheelset and put it in a Yuni frame?

John Childs had made a comment that buying a Summit was like buying a splined wheelset with a free frame and that got me thinking.

I have the seat and seatpost already that will go in a YUni frame. I figured this might create a lower weight Trials bike for spit more.

I am not up on the technical differences in bearing ODs and IDs, widths, etc.

the Yunimbus ii frame takes 40mm od bearings, and you can get these for the profile too,

the specs page for the summit says 41mm od beraings and i suspect that the 1mm diference shouldn’t be a problem.

i seem to remember hearing that tiawanese frames are designed for 42mm bearings anyway.
so i’d say definatly probably

the hub width shouldn’t be a problem either,
you can strech a yunimbus ii frame to fit a profile so i’m sure you could fit the kh hub in it.

perhaps somone could try?

A 41mm OD bearing is PROBABLY an SAE 1-5/8 OD bearing. I have not heard of 42mm OD bearings. A machined bearing holder for a 40mm bearing certainly will not accommodate a 1-5/8 OD bearing. The SAE 1-5/8 OD bearings are also about 0.75mm wider than the metric 40m OD types. The main cap clamps are much more sloppy and MAY do the job but I would hesitate trying it. Shimming a smaller bearing to fit a larger holder might be OK. The other way around is not advisable even if it is possible.

For the Profile hub you can get either 40 mm OD bearings or 1-5/8" OD bearings. If you need 40 mm bearings to fit the Yuni frame then buy a pair of 40 mm bearings for it. The best people to ask would be because they know what bearings come on the Summit and what 40 mm bearings would fit as a replacement. New generic bearings are $8 each at and may be less or may be more at a local bearing distributor.

Summit = 300$
KH = 400$
Onza = 389$
Yuni frame = 40$

and the KH frame is really nice (plus a sweet seat) and the onza frame is NICER than the YUni frame ( i suspect lighter too) since it’s made out of better meterial.

so, summit + Yuni frame =340$

isn’t this kinda getting away from the whole issue of saving money by getting the Summit? and were not even talking about the nice paint jobs you can get the YUni frame with (more money)

correct me if i’m wrong on any of these things.

if i were you, and you want to use that saddle of yours, i’d get the onza.

just trying to help


Arrrrgh, I hate buying a new unicycle…

I started out thinking I would just get the United trials Uni with
MOnty cranks. But then I thought for a 30 or 40 more bucks I could try this or that model… but then I thought for 30 or 40 more bucks I could try this or that model… but then…

there is certainly a lot of variety. I should be thankful for that.

I think I’ll step back a little.

Excellent advice from all,


Mmmm… I like buying new unicycles. :slight_smile:

Wow, I’ve been quoted! What an honour. Thanks Greg
:slight_smile: .


Been there, done that…

Yup, sounds familiar. Wheel replacement for cost of postage -> £90 in one simple afternoon. But remember, you’re only really spending money a bit at a time, so its not that bad. It saves having to get costly upgrades later.

That’s my excuse at least.