Replace or repair? Help the college student!

Quick question for the members of the forum.
I have owned a 20" classic sun unicycle for a little over 3 years now: prepared to keep it till death do us part :). Upon arriving to college, I began riding much more often, to and from classes every day. I very quickly noticed a slight wobble of the crank arm from the hub. I figured it just needed to be eventually tightened (the ignorance folks), and that I would get to it when I had access to the tools to tighten it. I rode on it this way for a whole week, jumping up and down curbs, steps, and 3’ ledges like I always did, so naturally it got worse. Sure enough when I reached the bike shop a week later, the guy told me I had rounded out the four corners of the hub (I think?), and that I would need to replace the crank and hub for a little under $50.
Considering my riding style, and how I jump up curbs and steps (and yes ledges, but no more than 3 feet high), would it still be worth putting money into the sun unicycle? Is it still liable to wear down or break if I actually keep up on tightening it? Would it be worth getting the green 20" version of this

…or should I bite the bullet and get a nimbus? I would love to keep the costs low, but I also want something that will last longer than 3 years. Thanks so much!

For the college student who has everything:

Interesting choice! I’m quite afraid I do not have everything nor the money to buy everything right now. I was looking more towards $320 and under if possible, is the nimbus II worth looking at? Will that hold up for me better than the Koxx one? I assume you think that I should lean more towards the replacement rather than repair then yes?
Best Regards, Chris

For the Style of riding you do (high jumps/drops, curbs, etc.) a square taper interface will allways wear. It’s not designed to withstand this abuse. Get a uni with ISIS interface.

What about the Impact Athmos?

That looks good! What do you think about the renamed koxx one that I found in my original post? The only reason I ask about that one is because it has a lighter aluminum frame as opposed to the steel frame on most.

Looks like it has a steel frame to me.

I had thought so too. but the 22.86cm green model is aluminum according to Trials Uni Should I trust this? It seems to be an aluminum frame and ISIS crank for $20 less… :thinking:

It’s your frequent 3’ drops that are your toughest requirement to satisfy. The deceleration at the bottom results in tremendous stress on components and puts thousands of ft/lbs on your unicycle. I’ll defer to riders who ride Nimbus II models to assess its capabilities from that standpoint. A 19" Equinox Street (mine is stock except for a KH Street saddle), would definitely handle it (@ my undisclosed weight:)).

The description of your daily commute screams for Impact, KH, or Nimbus IMO. Maybe a Torker DX?? Can’t say, never rode one. Many here ride alternate brands/models, do insane, gnarly stuff on them, and report very positive results.

Yes, but my starving college student memories are beginning to look pretty small in my rear-view mirror - so who cares what I would do now. Maybe I’m in a “pay once, cry once” rut. Still, guessing your riding skill/style have outgrown your uni’s capabilities and this $50 repair may become a recurring issue for you.