Replace my schwinn tire

First time poster here. I’m a newbie. I recently bought a used Schwinn with 24" tire. Have no idea what model or year. I aspire to ride muni and just have fun learning. Just got my first mounts today and am psyked. Only on one side though. My question is, I would like to replace the smooth tire with a more muni style. My bike shop guy saw on the existing tire that its a S-7. He says that a 24" mountain bike tire will not fit a rim that fits a S-7. Is this true? What are my options for my muni convert?

with an S-7 rim your pretty much stuck with schwinn tires, or aftermarket slicks. about the only thing you could do would be get the wheel rebuilt with a decent rim, but that may not be worth the price of a rebuid.

I had the same problem with my 20" Schwinn. I ended up buying a new S-7 tire from (still slick though).

I ended up buying a Muni a couple months later anyway.