Rent a 36 in New York

I’ll be taking part to the New York “five boro” bike tour on May 1st.
I am staying in the US for only a year and a half, so I would prefer not to buy another 36 here (I have one in Italy, plus here I would not know where to keep it).
Is someone in New York interested in renting one to me for a week or so, ideally from April 23rd to May 1st? I can offer up to $70, plus we can agree on a deposit if you are afraid I am not bringing it back :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!

Daniele ,

Do you go to the New York Unicycle Club meetings while you are in the States. The club is a great group of people and also very helpful, one of them might have a good suggestion for figuring out use of a 36er for the ride and a few of the folks might have ridden the ride. Meanwhile you could have a great time, as you will see visiting their website they meet a couple times a month.

Daniele -
I live a couple hours north of NYC, but I’d gladly lend you my Coker (no charge) for this ride. I may do the ride myself, but I’d do it on my geared 29er. I come down to the city now and then, so we’d figure some way to get it to you and for me to get it back.

PM me here or you can email me at steveyo “at” nycap “dot” rr “dot” com.

Five Boro Bike Tour is on my birthday, I might be down with doing that (if I can get a sitter for my dogs).