Renowned Series - Episode 3

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I am stunned :astonished:

Too much flat ;D.

But awesome video.

I would have liked to have seen Elis 90 stall thing in normal speed without the black flashes though.

Chris, I can show you the original clip if you want, just message me on the old facebook.

I was thinking the same thing. i was to see it too. For something never seen before like that putting the black flashes killed me. had to rewatch that part quite a few times.

i have seriously been blown away by all 3 episodes! Keep them coming, i can’t wait for ep. 4 already.

Im not a big fan of flat but I love this series! Can’t wait for episode 4 :slight_smile:

Amazing job guys! I love how the street and flatland is big(what I really like) and creative at the same time! Definetley the best Renowned video so far!

Excellent video work & tons of talent shown by all. Thanks for your time & for sharing with us mortals.

I totally love flat, and I totally love this video.

Edit: Quint by Adrien off the ledge?

haha i dont think anyone could quint the easily one handed i think it was triple :wink:

Great editing and amazing riding! The filming was also really nice. These are definitely some of the best unicycle videos ever.

I watched it in slow motion and it’s a quadflip.

I believe you but it honestly looks like a triple :astonished:

I’m pretty sure I’ve watched this at least 50 times by now, its so good. I seriously love all of the creative combos.

If you hold down space as it plays it stops and starts quickly and you can count the flips. :slight_smile: I couldn’t tell if it was 3 or 4 at first either, he flips so easily!

It’s a quad :stuck_out_tongue:

To me, it looks like it was really hard for him to get the flip. Like there’s no way he could have done that down a 2 set or a curb, even off that big drop he had to hop really high. That’s why I thought it was a quint, especially from Adrien :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he could have done that done a 2 set cause he has done quads on flat:p

Not one handed, though, right?

dunno i know a lot of people have though :stuck_out_tongue: eli can do it either handed :astonished: