Renowned series - big wheels go big

24" street unicycling performed by Hugo Duguay and Jacob Spera!

Sick banner, awesome riders, dope edit.

yeah, really nice video :D, love this one

Absolutely awesome, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

this song is lawlz. riding is awesome. mouth still open.


Great riding, Intense video! Wow!

no, make that,

Intense riding, Great video! Wow!

both ways!

The jumping ability of some of you guys just blows me away. I have trouble static hopping more than 10 inches or so, and you guys are doing high-speed, rolling hops with crank flips up onto picnic tables that are probably 24 inches off the ground. My rolling hops are like 4-6 inches at best. I am obviously doing something wrong… lol