Well it has been about 7 months since I placed my first order in at Renegade and I would like to write up a description of their impecable service that I have recieved.

I first ordered my cranks and hub I think back in March (maybe it was February but I know I got em in March), anyways the ordering process went really well especialy since I am an international customer. I got them shortly after in a very timely manner all nicely packaged up. Anyways that is a pretty simple task that isn’t worth much merit business wise. Any business should be able to handle that.

By early may problems arose with my cranks. The insert had gotten lose and was all fandangly causing the pedal to come lose. I contacted Renegade Juggling and they said to contact Koxx-one about warranty issues (including giving me Yoggi’s email), I replied saying thank you I will email Yoggi in a week or so when I got back from something. They mentioned that Yoggi gets alot of emails and that I should email him quickly as it may still take a while for him to reply. I found this to be a very good thing to point out as it shows that they actualy read my emails and are thinking with me in mind.

I emailed Yoggi and send some pictures and video of what the problem was. He then quickly replied and said that yes that was a problem that the cranks have and that the problem was rectified by adding a washer inbetween the crank insert and the pedal and that Renegade was supposed to have sent me a washer. He also sent that reply to Renegade informing them of their mistake.

Upon finding this out, I spoke again with Renegade who appologized about the mistake as they thought that the cranks didn’t need the washer but as it turned out it was the 140 mm cranks that didn’t need it. They said that they would replace the cranks free of charge.

Another problem arose and this was probably the most disapointing to me, they had run out of 110mm cranks and only had 140mm in stock. It wasn’t until over 3 months later that they got their order (not their fault by any means as they had been constantly talking with Koxx to try and get new ones in, or at least thats the way it seemed from what they said over our various emails).

On the 25th of August they sent out my first set of replacement cranks. I then sat back and played the waiting game. Unfortunatly to this day the cranks have yet to come to my house, they have been lost in the nethers of the economy post somewhere between there and here. I was beginning to get worried and had been hounding them for a while. On the 25th of September they said that if the cranks weren’t in by the end of the week they would send out yet another set (this would be the second free of charge set to leave their hands coming out of their pocket).

The following Monday I sent out another email saying that I had see or hear anything on the subject of my cranks. I wanted to make sure I had them for next weekend and I offered to send some money to have them sent the fastest way possible. They said that that would not be a problem and sent them free of charge expresspost on Tuesday aswell as emailing me the tracking number of the package.

Well Today I finaly recieved the fabled cranks complete with washer and pretty little Koxx-one stickers.

I would say that Renegade did an amazing job at taking care of this situation. They really went the extra mile to make sure that I was happy. They have now payed for two sets of cranks, one package economy post and one package expresspost out of their pocket, and the best part is they have been in constant comunication with me. We have exchanged over 50 emails back and forth and I have talked to two different people who work there both on the phone and through email.

I would highly recommend dealing with them in the future. They seem to be very organized and quick at getting things out, and they seem very willing to do whatever they can to make you happy.

I ordered 4 clubs from them, and they seem very nice, answering all my quesrions about what size and weight would be best. also giving me examples of color combinations they had found look good.

They are nice people. I’ve emailed them some queries a few years back (can’t remember on what) and they seemed really patient with my emails to make sure i did understand what was going on. I’d actually buy stuff from there if it weren’t that shipping’s a bitch.