ok so i want to buy a new koxx rim and seatpost from im scared of the charges from shipping because it doesnt tell you what the shipping will cost before you order it. any advice?

i meant seat clamp but whatever

As with most stores, there’s a human being that works there. You should talk to him. It’s quite easy. There’s contact information at Renegade’s web site.

Why ask a bunch of random strangers for possibly faulty advice when you can get your information straight from the source?

Faulty advice!?

I hear they charge a zillion dollars per unicycle to ship!

Yeah, but it’s only half a zillion for a seat clamp. :smiley:

ok i got it all figured out but now the hard part. what color rim should i get. i have a white nimbus frame(the green thing one of’s signiture cycles). my friend said that fluro yellow would look sick. just give me your opinion