Renegade koxx-one team + ME!!!!!

sorry if that was a little harsh.

Lol I actually recomended Spencer the first day i got the letter.

Id say justin. Hes a really good rider.


also, jeff leickty is really good.

Justin Abbott

Preferably better than me :wink:

lo I allread asked Justin Abbott :smiley:

Hopefully you just learned how to ride right :roll_eyes:
JK. I know your good but how good.

I know thats all he talked about during lunch.
And since i saw this this morning he was bummed when i knew more about it than him:p
see ya later.

Hey go on AIM

how good do you have to be as a trials rider? how are they figuring out who to take? i am interseted

I agree. Although I havent ridden with him in awhile Im sure he has made alot of progress so by now he is probably awesome.

I agree that good riders are definatly what they should be looking at, but isn’t the idea of sponsoring from a companie’s point of view, to get recognition, particularly outside the unicycle community? I would imagine they would want people who are in the media and alike alot. Johnny Peacock although I’m not such a fan of the guy seems to come to mind, as he is a pretty damn good rider but hes also in the paper and stuff, if he had a website to rep then every time he is being in the media there would be that website again.

I remember there was another rider that’s pretty good that was in the media alot, I’m thinking Peter Van Boekhout, but he’s not in North America, or perhaps MuniAddict.

Ok I just talked to Renegade about skill requirements… Its more about being an elite team. So… They are looking for 2 main styles, trials and street, they asked me to make a couple trick requirements(lol like I talked about earlier with Spence they came up with the same idea).

Trials: Hop at or above 30in, ride skinnies, and or done well during a previous trials competition.

Street: grinding handrails or ledges, clearing 8 sets, and 360 unispining or crank flips off of objects such as ledges or small sets…

So for the skill requirement questions, the word they used is elite.

Well the list I gave was some of my own ideas, Renegade and Yoggi are currently making a better list…But were mostly looking for just highly talented riders…Defect and Ill quality…

Is it definately only for US riders? Cause even by your requirements cody I qualify.

Could have a rider in the UK who only appears in videos:D


LOL why cant you live in the USA!!! :wink: well I can see lol Ya got any vids, I just wanna see another good vid, shaun hasnt been riding for a while :wink:

I’ve got alot of videos on the go at the moment but havent had the chance to get out due to terrible weather for the past week. As soon as I can I’ll be releasing a video but if you go to and watch the British Invasion video, I’m the second rider, Jason Auld. That said, it’s about a minute long and doesn’t really show any of my great riding.

Thanks for checking up, always wanted the opportunity to be on a sponsor team.


you know what would be a great idea for you is talk to Yoggi himself at koxx one, and see if there are any teams being made in scotland. If you as good as ya sound, he might find an opening for you :-D. But I jsut dont know if the USA team will work lol.

i say me for the team…i can hop 27" now…slightly below but i can get it up. i dont know.