Renegade koxx-one team + ME!!!!!

Well Renegade Juggling ( Is making a Koxx-one team. AND IM ON IT!!! So Koxx-one is using renegade as a USA koxx-one team. From what I got talking to Yoggi, and Renegade is also looking for more riders. PM ;-)…Anyways this is one of the letters from Renegade lettin me know I got on the team lol

Hi Cody

I am back from Hawaii and will work with you on building a Renegade Koxx-one Team. We will offer you pro deal on parts and equipment, along with other support. I just need to figure out the details. We are very busy now for christmas, I will have time right after christmas 25-28.

Do you have any other riders that we might consider for the Renegade Team. We would like to put together a team that can compete well in the competitions.

I will get back to you later this month

thanks tom renegade


I took out the part about a rim I bent he was helping me with lol.

Well done mate, if I was in the US I’d ask to be on your team, but sadly I’m not :frowning: But once again, well done, you deserve it!

Wow! I wanna be on the team too! Too bad my riding sucks though:(. My coolest trick is a 180 unispin.

Well he kindof needs it but he’ll run renigade bankrupt with all theose frames theyl have to replace;) :smiley:

Thats pretty neat, I wonder how they are going to figure out who to sponsor?

i say spencer as a rider for the usa, koxx team

You’re my hero!

That might conflict with him being on the Bedford team. :roll_eyes:

Good work Cody!

oh, he`s awesome though!

Man, if I didn’t suck at riding I would love to be on the team.

The grammar in that letter of his is somewhat concerning. :o

check yo’ PMs, cody.

I wants in on this.
:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m SO JEALOUS of you guys. It sucks here SO bad. I emailed koxx asking if they’d ship their unis here and they told me to ask their distributors here. I called them up and NO ONE picks up the phone EVER. Their distributors here are so crap, they haven’t even got a proper office or fixed line number and all that’s given is a mobile number that probably doesn’t even exist.

I was wondering about that too. I really don’t know.

I am on the Bedford team for BC wheeling so I don’t know if it would matter.


I want in…

How good do you have to be? Im probably not good enough just wondering. Also how many people are they planning on sponsoring?

do you think they could hook me up?

i could compete in the long jump and im getting there w/ trials :slight_smile:

how do you know?
i can do 24"
i can do almost 30" rolling