renegade juggling

Has anyone here ordered a uni from renegade juggling? They seem to be the only place that can get the koxx-one unis.

Good people, Great place to buy a uni if your in the US. They have most of the Koxx line even tho you cant see it on the website. They will also let you pic and choose what parts you want allowing you to build a custom setup. I like Renegade alot.


Any one of us can vouch for them. There great people to do business with even after you purchase your uni from them. I’m actually ordering some parts from them this week, and their customer service is sooooo good.

Also their giving me a new frame at cost because I jacked mine up and Yoggi won’t warraty it. So there just all around great guys and will help you out. and have K1 uni’s as well.
But renegade is great too.

they are awesome…ive gotten an orange bud off of there and a rim…great people to deal with…

I’m close enough that we just drove over to the shop in Santa Cruz. Bob took great care of us and let my son pick out what colors he wanted and then put it together while we waited. Stand up folks over there at Renegade. :slight_smile:


I envy the fact that your close to such a good shop :roll_eyes: aaahhh…o well