renegade juggling stuff

anybody order stuff from
they have some sweet k1 stuff there and parts for good prices.
sounds like a good place to get stuff for customizing unis…

anyone order something and have it be wrong?

Great people, great service. Renegade is the place to go for K1 products in the US. This is where I go for my K1 stuff I have never had a problem with them.

I’ve ordered juggling stuff from them a lot. They have some of the best customer service around and never screw up. My buddy once placed an order at night and forgot to click the option to have his club handles taped. He called them in the morning and the guy was like “Hey, I have those right here, I’ll tape them up and send them out right away.” Great service.

Renegade is good, although I prefer Todd Smith and/or Henry’s clubs. My favorite juggling store is Serious Juggling in Portland. Ben’s a great juggler who really knows his product set, and I’ve always found them super-responsive.

For next time: this thread should have been in JC, not RSU. Did I mention that Serious Juggling also carries a half-way decent line of unicycles? Last time I was there, they had the Torker 29" in stock. Looked pretty nice.

I can honestly say that Tom and the guys at Renegade have the best customer service and their just plane cool. They have helped with lots of stuff even when it comes at their expense. Plus they carry K1 products so that just adds to their cool factor

I have never ordered unicycle stuff from them before but thats where I purchase all my juggling supplies(which is alot of stuff). If you juggle I would definitely recommend their clubs.

Ignore that.

Your post was clearly unicycling related.

Also ignore that. I’ve never met anyone that like Todd Smiths or Henrys better then Renegades.:wink:

I aint sayin that he doesn’t like them better. I’m just saying that most people prefer Renegades.