Renegade Juggling Service

On Saturday i put in an order to Renegade Juggling for a slightly modified k1 devil. I had originally tried to order online, but was having some difficulty with their website(it was going really low) so i called them up and placed my order over the phone.

Tom was extremely helpful making sure that I knew that the street cranks I was ordering were not as sturdy as trials cranks and he then called me back after i had placed my order to double check what seat post length I wanted.

I will do a review of the uni once i get it, but i figured that Renegade Juggling deserved a good word here, because they are a great company, and care about customer service a lot.

I am about to order from renegade also. do you know how much the orange bud will cost? or i might just go with one of the devils. i tryed ordering kh 20 from aebikes and i waited 15 days so i called and they said they ran out. so i think renegade is the way

is there any difference between the black/red devil and white widow besides the colors. the white widow has different pedals and thats all i could notice so would it be worth it to pay another 26$ for choice of color and different pedals

i think the devil is like 550, but you can add street cranks and an undrilled rim for only $40 extra.

i think its just the rim and saddle that are different for the WW compared to Devil

rennegade is awesome…
they got my orange bud in soo fast!

if you call i heard that renegade will let you pick your own color of rim and seat clamp, is that true?

Yes they will let you custom build your uni, to the colors and parts they have in stock. You can upgrade parts if you like also.

My co-worker just ordered a custom Orange bud from them. They must just have everything in “part” form right now. They are getting more colors of everything soon to come as well. You can mix and match pedals, cranks, seats, colors, or whatever…

I just ordered a 24" Track Monster, and got it with the Butterfly pedals, white seatpost clamp, and the arctic camoflage seat.

The only thing that Renegade told me was that they are at the mercy of Koxx for getting their shipments of parts, and Koxx is known to be a tad slow at times.

The only bad thing that I had happen with my order was that the lame ass UPS guy couldn’t find our particular address, it sat at the dock while I tracked it, and I got it a week late. (Not Renegade’s fault)

They don’t package the uni’s very well either…the box was poorly taped shut. There were holes in the side of the box (probably from the UPS tards) thus resulting in a slightly scratched crank arm…kind of a bummer, but I figured that I’d scratch it anyways…so I didn’t even bother calling them on it.

I thought the devil was only $400.

i think he was trying to say orange bud

oops i meant orange bud :o

Haha, only $400 right… :roll_eyes:

I just ordered a devil from renegade also but i asked if i could have 125mm cranks on instead of 140

I love my Renegade clubs! I bought them direct, at the Lodi Juggling Convention a few years ago…

Do renegade ship to Australia?

If they do thats good but the only problem is that they don’t stop the Dan Heaton Pro street koxx one unicycle that i want.

yes they do, you just have to call them

just get a devil with street cranks, and the seat you want.

today i just got an email from renegade saying the order is delayed because of problems with the frames. i bet its from the tire rubbing on the frame