Renaming "Manny Pads"

There was some discussion about this at Nattys that this is too much like skateboarding. I would love to rename this obstical to be uni specific. Any ideas. Here are just a few from brain storming.

Raised flat surfaces (jk)
R.F.S.s (kidding again!)
Annoying S.O.B.s
Yeah I’m out of ideas.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. T stands for tricks, trick, or tricking, really doesn’t matter. ha.

ehhhhhhhh, let’s rename treyflip, sexchange, … :wink: I keed.

I like manny pads, I wouldn’t mind calling it something else, but none of the above name sound good enough I think… not that I can do any better!

I’m sticking with manny pad and flat box, I ride with too many skater’s to start changing names of stuff. They’d never know what I was talking about. lol

Honestly I think it should stay “manny pad” the more we can associate with other sports sometimes is the better. If I am talking to a skater etc. then Its nice that I just say manny pad and they know what im talking about.

However I would go with P.O.S. pad or possibly rev pad

I like revpad…

“Man he landed a sejflip up and fifth double down that revpad!”
“Dude there’s a perfect 2revpad just next to my house”

I think they should stay as manny pad, most people just say pad for short anyways, “pad” works for me but every now and then “manny pad” slips out. I don’t think the name should be changed is what I’m saying. Might aswell rename handrail while we’re at it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Should be a poll!