Renaming 180/360 body varials???

This is the trick name I despise the most. 180 body varials, or 360 body varials. Kelly did a 3 body varial an interesting way so we called it a decade. I think a 3 body varial should be called a decade and Kelly could rename his just slightly (dealing with some adjective that can be labeled as any trick started with first contact with the seat out in back, so a “blank” decade). This way we don’t have to keep saying 180/360 body varial. Just call is something, make up a word for the 180, keep it short, and still able to mix “side” with it. Since a 180 body varial with a flip is a sex change. And decade flip would still be a good name. Just an idea.

Yeah, I like calling the trick Kelly did a decade because it’s just less confusing without all these exacting names.