Removing Trials Tires

Ok, I did it =p

I know that a lot of people have some troubles getting trials tires off the rim, specially with the Alex 32 Rim, so i made a short little guide, ill add drawn diagrams too, would use pictures but my webcam only takes somewhat good pic during a bright sunny day, and its night right now lol

Steps For Removing A Trials Tire.

1: With 3 Tire Removal tool thingys, set them under the tire with about an inch - inch in a half between each other.

2: Keep slight pressure on all three of the tools, i used one palm on two of them and one hand on the other, then pull the tire close to the rim with all three.

3: Once the tire is close to the rim and all tools are in place, use one tool to bring the tire up over the rim, while keep the other two in place with slight pressure.

4: Once the first section of the tire is over, you should still have 2 tools left under the tire, now push one those to bring about a 4-inch section of the tire over the rim.

5: You should now be able to take out all 3 of the the removers and have the tire still hanging over the edge, but it will still be tight to the rim.

6: take one of the remover tools, and with the little hook, the part you use to hook onto the spokes to keep you hand free, stick that in the middle of the section that is over the rim, pull to one side and the tire will easily slip over the rim, continue around the rim and it you’ll be done.

Using this method it took me about 2mins to get the tire off, and no damage to the tire, tube, or rim occurred.

Also, as your getting the tire back on, it can be pretty hard getting the last section on, so here is what you do.

1: Get a bowl of water, the temperature should be at room temp. and ad s enough soap into so when you put your fingers in it, you can feel that the water is soapy and lubricated.

2: take the water, and spread it across on the tire, inside and out, where it is stuck on the rim, and also add the water onto the rim.

3: Now try to put your tire on, the soapy water will make it so your tire will slip on gracefully, well, not too gracefully cause you will still need to add some force with your fingers, but it makes extremely easy.

Now with your new tire on, fill up and ride!

great tutorial but what i find works really well for getting the tire on and off. is usto use the method above but slide a bit of poly lube(you should be able to get some at the lbs) between the rim and the bead of the tire. the tire should slide on with ease now.

thanks, this helped me alot. I still managed to pop 3 tubes trying to get it back on succesfully though:o

i have broken a metal tire iron trying to get a tire off.
one of my friends had to use motorcycle tire irons to get his tire on. (motorcycle tire irons are about a foot long or so)

Dang, I have always been fine using the tiny plastic ones.

Cant you just deflate it and pull it off?
BTW Jerrick, what is that new thing in your sig that says “KH funds=$212…”?

Its a lot harder than that. Specially with the Alex rim, cause they are so wide and flat, it takes a lot of force to get a trials tire off of one.

The funds is how much money I have towards my 2007 Kh uni. I am about half way there. =p

just money you care saving up?

Pretty much. =p

I can almost take my tire off with my bare hands (deflated of course). But I don’t have a trials tire, just a stock LX tire. If you want a challenge, try getting a motocross tire off.

I can almost take my tire off with my bare hands (deflated of course). But I don’t have a trials tire, just a stock LX tire. If you want a challenge, try getting a motocross tire off.

Regular tires are easy to get off.

Trials tires are jsut like a motocross tire almsot. A lot of times, when I have gone to bikeshops, and they have to take the tire off, they always say its like getting a motocross tire off.

Motorcycles are harder though.

Things of that nature turn me into a little scared child of madness man boy.

Its ok… shh shh, its gonna be ok…

What is the difference from a regular tire? is it just stiffer sidewalls? thankfully with a uni, you only have to wrestle it on and off once!:smiley:

Regular bike rims, are pretty skinny, and are kinda curved, giving more leverage to get a tire off.

On trial rims, they are very wide, and flat, making it really hard to get the tire off, or on.

If you ahve a friend with a trials tire and rim setup, ask if you can try to take the tire off. =p

I don’t have any freinds who uni.:frowning: Anyone moving to Ohio soon?:smiley: Please?

i always use a bike tyre thing… they are so much easier to remove tyres with… :smiley: However getting a motorbike tyre with them off, is well hard work… :smiley:

Why do you need a tutorial to take a tire off? Its the most basic bike/unicycle maintainance there is!

Rock on!

bah who cares who needs it, its there might help some people !