Removing subborn Miyata saddle nuts easily!

Yippee! I’ve found a way to bring the miserable stubborn saddle nuts under my complete command and control and remove them easily! Please forgive me up front, I went down to the office to borrow the digicam but it was out on assignment with another engineer. So I’ll try to work through this verbally as best I can.

Working completely from underneath the saddle and using a dremmel with cut off disk:

Step 1: Horizonally, wisk off the dome of the cap nut.

Step 2: Vertically cut a shallow slot down into the end of the bolt shaft. Doesn’t matter if the slot extends into the nut.

Step 3: Insert the blade of a small screwdriver into the slot to keep the shaft from turning.

Step 4: Remove the nut with a 10 mm open end box wrench.

It’s really not a lot of work and the nuts were off quite quickly. I still plan on replacing the OEM bolts with 1/4-20 carriage (coach) bolts and using the bent threaded rod as photo-documented in an earlier gallery:

I’ll try to post some pictures of the procedure as soon as I can in case my explanation wasn’t quite clear. If anyone else tries this, please let me know how it goes: yoopers at


Genius. That sound like it will work perfectly. I just bought a Dremel yesterday. I shaved a couple of centimeters off myseat-post shims and now I have no problems with keeping my seat post tight. (Before, the shims were so large that the clamp wouldn’t tighten because the shims just closed flush against each other preventing the pipe from contracting).

I think the Dremel is going to be one of my most useful uni tools.

Yoopers, did you get my email? What size inner tube did you use when you made Ben’s airseat?