removing stickers

whatis the best way to remove stickers without leaving the sticky stuff on the frame. if there is no way to do it without leaving the sticky stuff on is there a way to get the sticky stuff off. sorry if it was confusing to read because it was sort of hard for me to read and I wrote it but i didn’t know of any other way to put it

Peel off the sticker then use rubbing alchohol and rub it off.

ok. i was just wondering this for when i get my new framebecause on the last frame i tried it on i left sticky stuff even though it finally wore off

Methylated spirits works well as well :slight_smile:


that won’t take the paint off??

you should be able to find some goo-gone … thats supposed to work well

I used that and it helped a lot.

I used it to get the stickers off my Koxx trials frame (which i now regret) and it didn’t take off the paint, but it worked great on the glue stuff on the stickers.


piss on it…not kidding

haha… and how exactly did you find that out?

sorry for the jack


That would suck soo much if it still didn’t come off. I think I would be fine with the sticker one there but I would definately not want a piss soaked one on there:o

either “goo-gone” or “goof off” can be found at your local hardware store. it does wonders for removing gums, tars, greases, anything you can’t get off with soap and water. rubbing alcohol will work as well but it isn’t as effective as the two above-mentioned products…

goo-b-gone or lighter fluid

Spit, it works the best.

piss has that acid in it… sry I nly kno the french word… its ure in french neways and that melts away the glue… just once u piss on it whipe it down with a towel and wash it good gooood gooooood


i agree, piss works really well. i use it for everything.

go to ofice works or something and buy some sticker remover spray.

Citrusolve workes well for that sort of stuff, goo gone also.

remove frame from uni, submerge frame in pool of gasoline, light gasoline on fire. It works everytime.

(don’t blame me if your frame is ruined, you hurt yourself, or if you start a fire)

also, if this wasn’t already mentioned, rubbing alchohol works pretty well too.

Isoproponol around 70% will work. It is sold as rubbing alchol, but it is good because it wil evaporate off of your frame. It smells really bad and make sure you use gloves. Do not drink. It won’t make you blind (thats methanol) but it will probably screw you up.

Acetone works too. Sometimes sold as paint stripper or thinner. Probably won’t damage powdercoating, but spot test first! Use gloves!!!

Oh yeah, some spirits will do it too, but why waste them?