Removing rust from a vintage uni

A guy at work recently gave me an old unicycle that he just had laying around, a Loyd to be exact. Well, the thing is covered in rust, so I’m wondering what my best options are for cleaning this thing up and restoring it to its full glory. :sunglasses:

Coke or metalpolish

Naval Jelly

Rust is macho. Only sissies ride rust-free unicycles.

I would probably start with a wire brush or fine sandpaper - i guess it really depends of you want to paint it or leave it rust free and do nothing with it…

I have a rusty Loyd also, but it’s still in as-received condition. Haven’t tried messing with the rust but have instead let it accumulate so far…

On the old Schwinns, the chrome is very strong so you can use harsh methods without doing much damage. The Loyd chrome may not be quite so indestructable. I’d recommend the naval jelly, possibly after a little sanding to remove the big stuff. Not wire brush if you’re trying to preserve the chrome.

Follow the naval jelly with polishing; I’ve used chrome polish in the past, but that’s mostly to clean and protect chrome without problems. On our Schwinns we used to just use steel wool and it was fine. Again, check to make sure you aren’t dulling the chrome.

They make a spray paint/primer that magically converts RUST to a good primer ready for more paint.

lazy man’s solution!

Okay, so I’ll probably get some naval jelly and polish in the near future and try to restore this guy. Getting the rust off the frame and rim seems easy enough, it’s the spokes that I’m not so sure about. After all, I don’t want to weaken these 40+ year old spokes any more than I have to.

+1 on the steel wool.