Removing Moment thread inserts

I had my dual hole moments milled out because I’ve decided to become a weight weenie.

While I was at it I figured I’d remove the pedal thread inserts on the holes I don’t use. One lock ring came out easy. The other has yet to budge and I put a lot of force on it. I broke the nub off a spanner wrench trying.

Is one of these reverse threaded? (I forget which side was the easy and hard one)

With the lock ring removed, how do I remove the insert? It did budge either.

I’ll assume you’re using the longer hole then? I suppose heat seems like a bad idea?

Yes, one should be a left hand thread.

Priceless, that’s the kind of thing I would do.

I nearly drove back to the gas-shop to complain that the fitting they gave me to connect my gas-bottle to my gas-bbq wouldn’t fit.

Yeah, using the 150mm hole. I actually used a little heat from a grill stick-lighter. I didn’t want to get too aggressive and ruin the aluminum.
But it sounds like maybe the lock ring is reverse thread and I was treating it as normal.

I’m pretty sure the left side crank (which has reverse pedal threads) came off easy. The right side did not come off. So maybe the right side lock ring is reverse thread?

Typo fixed

Anyone ever remove the actual insert?
Maybe I should just drill them out. I’m never going to use the 125’s anyway.

I have removed the insert. It has the same thread direction as the pedal so that it tightens with the pedal. Sometimes they loosen when you loosen the pedal.

Are you sure that the thread direction on the insert is the same as the pedal that inserts into it? In my experience, I have only ever had one side get lose (I couldn’t tell you which side it was). It would make sense if the threads were as you described, but do we actually know that?

both of mine came loose on my trials just from normal riding so i can confirm that they both tighten as munimag suggested