removing KH cranks

Anyone got any hinters on how to get the alen key in the center of the crank undone? the first one came easy but the second one is really tight and i broke my multi while using my seatpost as a lever :stuck_out_tongue: lol is it best to just get some good alens keys or do you need to tap it out some how? it just that my new wheel set will be here in a couple of days and i need to get the cranks off!! :slight_smile:


get a good quality allen key, or for preference an allen bit and a long drive bar. Make sure the key is well seated and hold it in with one hand while applying pressure with the other, use a long pipe over the allen key if necesssary.

yeah sweet i thought as much :slight_smile: thanks mate cant wait to get the uni going again!!

yes just take alot of care not to strip/chew the allenkey/allenkey hole. like kington99 said, make sure it is seated in nice then as you aply torque make sure the allenkey stays straigt in its hole and hold the alenkey at the bend pushing in to ensure it doesnt move out and slip. If you strip it you will be in a whole lot of trouble.

If its feeling to solid and not giving you could also try and run some penatrating oil oround the bolt so it goes down and helps free it up. This often works realy well and can save alot of hassle.