Removing cranks

Is there a trick to this? I’ve tried everything like jumping on the allen key but it still doesn’t come off.

Those look like the Nimbus ISIS splined cranks, so first you will have to remove the allen key bolt, then you need an ISIS Crank Extractor. It’s not just by taking the Bolt out. I’m sure a bike shop could remove the cranks for you.

more likely to be square taper, either way, you do indeed need to remove the bolt and than get an appropriate crank extractor. They work the same way as a bike so any bike shop will be able to do them for you.

What tool to buy

I have a Pedro crank extractor I bought from A E Bike online for about 15 $ It works very well, for different axle types. It seems very good quality, but I do not recommend it. :thinking:

The crank extractor I have has a little handle built in. Turning the handle hits the pedal, so I have to remove the pedals to pull the cranks. Other then that, it works great. :roll_eyes:

So buy the 12 $ crank extractor, no handle, that you need to turn with a wrench. It’s good to have the option of pulling the cranks with the pedals on.

I’ve got this extractor and I totally recommend it. It even has a built in allen wrench on the back to remove the bolt.

I do have the same minor annoyance as feel_the_light though about having to remove the pedals.