removing cranks but not pedals

i keep seeing complaints about how you need to remove the pdeals to use the park ccp2 crank arm puller. what i can’t figure out is when you would need to get the cranks off without removing the pedals from the cranks. i can see that you wouldn’t need to take off the pedals if you were changing your wheel, but i can’t imagine anybody doing that enough to complain about it

I am one of the people complaining about the need to remove pedals when using the Park Puller with handle. I tend to use cheap platform pedals for all my uni needs. Whenever I change cranks I’d rather be able to leave the pedals. Pedals (in my case at least) are cheaper and easier to get then the cranks they are on, so I don’t mind getting one set per cranks.

I also use mostly aluminum cranks. I don’t want to risk damaging them every time I have to remove the pedals to remove the cranks.

Hope that makes sense.


also, those with different unicylcles may want to switch them up

If I’m taking the coker off road, I’ll switch out the cranks from my MUni. I’d have to remove the pedals from the Coker cranks to get them off, only to put them back on in a few hours

Pedals for each set of cranks is FANTASTIC!