Removing Crank Help!

Today I was trying to remove my cranks but I had some serious problems!
First I Removed the frame/fork but When I put my allen key I did a Obsurd strengh and the bolt didnt rotate to i remove it!
I have to twist in counter-clockwise to remove it on the right crank , and clockwise to remove it on the left crank???
Did anyone have this same problem? I´m afraid to pu too much strenght and broke anything! What I have to do? put all the strenght ? or There is another way to remove the 12mm bolt?( I hasve the crank removal tool to remove the crank after I remove the Fuc**ng bolt
some pics oh my allen key and the crank:

No, this bolt is counterclockewise to remove on both sides. It is a normal bolt.

The opposite threads thing relates to where the pedals screw into the cranks.

PS, you won’t be able to apply “absurd strength” through a small Allen key like that anyway. Make sure the key is well seated, then give it some seriosu welly. Anti-clockwise each time.

ok so I will take it off now , lets be the hulk ahahaha!

man can I put in the place of Grease , solid vaselin?!

Do the right thing and use grease.

This thread may help.

I had a rough time loosening the allen bolt to pull the cranks on my muni:

I still use the little piece that broke off. I use a pretty solid monkey wrench to turn it. That gives me enough torque to get the bolts off. But I’m no mechanic so don’t follow anything that I say!

tip: find an old bar, put it over the allen key, and suddenly you have a larger handle. I usually just use my shoe while holding the frame and seat with my hands, that way I can put my full force on it if I need to.

A small key will work, you just have to be creative : ) the only 8 mm I have is about 4 inches long, and I haven’t had any problems yet.

I used a old bar and putted over the allen key , Yeah now my uni is perfect smooth :slight_smile: thanks everybody!

I bought a long handled allen key specifically for this purpose. It takes a lot of force!

waaalrus, husky’s should be under a lifetime warranty – if you take that into a home depot you should get a replacement for free most likely (if you so wish)

the allen key i use for mine is right at 12" long, leverage is your friend :slight_smile:

Well, your problem is solved, but just for the record: there is no need to remove the frame in order to remove cranks.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll see if they’ll do that.