removing caked-on MUD from tire and pedals!

Just got back from my daily (2 days off since Sunday muni in Ojai) muni ride, but because of recent rain, the trails were really muddy and now my muni has mud CAKED all over the duro 3.0, and the pedals. WHat’s the best/easiest way to get the mud out? I wasn’t sure if I should just get out the garden hose and try spraying it off, or wait for it to dry out and maybe use a stiff bristle brush. Tried the brush now but that mud won’t budge! I’m afraid water may get into places and cause rust. Love to hear ideas. thanks!:slight_smile:

just wash it down. why on earth would you want to remove proof that you’re hardcore from your muni? :thinking:

That’s funny you said that! Iwas thinking the SAME thing!:smiley:

I tend to be kind of lazy when it comes to cleaning my toys. So even with my muddy mountain bikes, I just make sure the moving parts are generally clean and lubed. For the rest of it (the frame, tire(s), etc.), I just let it wear off as I ride.

If you must though, you can use water as long as you generally don’t spray it hard at the moving parts. Then dry it with a towel, put lube on the moving parts, and go get it muddy again! :smiley:

I keep a stiff bristled utility brush in the car and just brush off the mud as much as I can while it’s still wet so it doesn’t get the car all dirty. Then a light brushing when I get home to get more off so it doesn’t shed dirt in the house.

The only time I would wash or really clean my muni would be before taking it to a bike shop. For example before taking the wheel in to be trued. I don’t want to give them a dirty wheel with a dirty hub that gets dirt in the work space.

Otherwise I just let it be and don’t mind if it has dirt on it.

If you do wash a unicycle or a bike you want to be careful not to forcefully spray water on areas with bearings. If you want to wash around areas with bearings just let the water flow over the area with no force.

Ours tend to be brushed off. Like john I keep a small stiff bristle brush in the car to get the worst off at the end of the ride. Then may be go over it again when the muds dry. Bouncing the trye hard on the ground will often shift a lot of caked on dry mud. Don’t think I’ve washed a uni for years, proadly since I stopped keeping them in the spare bedroom.

Ride it again.

I got a bucket of water and an old toothbrush. I dumped water on one area, bushed that spot with the toothbrush, and then rinsed. It works pretty well, even in the tire tread or hard to reach spots, and you don’t have to worry about being too forceful. Just remember which toothbrush belongs to your uni…

edit: by the way, I’ve got a new product that may come in very handy for muddy unicycle tires and pedals. More on that soon…

i take me dads air compresore and just blow it off, wwwwiiiissssshhhhhhhhhh:D

Geesh! Great Idea! I have a new 10 gal air compressor and didn’t even think to use it for that. Thanks!:smiley: