Removing an ISIS crank?

How do you remove a ISIS crank off a unicycle??? :thinking:

With this.

and like this:

if you need them off now, and you only have the square taper puller, use a dime over the axle hole.

i use a square taper puller with a small bolt on instead of a dime. i bent a dime getting k1 cranks off.

I don’t have any dimes, but I’ve tried with a penny (presumably about the same size) with the same effect, and subsequent grief extracting bent penny from the ISIS threads. Might work with 2 or 3 stacked, but as suggested a suitable sized bolt would work better - though I use one of instead.

the bolt works just as good as a isis extractor. also if you stack the pennies or dimes they still bend or stick together

I’ve also bent a couple dimes (at a time) and don’t recommend using them. I found a nut that was the right diameter that I use as my adapter. It’s worked pretty well for me.