Reminder: 1st Scarborough Juggling & Unicycle Convention 3rd Sept 2005

Sorry about the blatant reminder but somebody has to do it!! (
We have some great acts for the show…Donald Grant - Diabolo, Tim Foolery

  • Devil Stick, Zyllan - Juggling Clubs, Maynard Flip Flap - Comedy and more.
    LOADS of workshops for beginners, intermediates & advanced.
    LOADS of unicycle space, uni-jousting competition, uni-games, and all the
    usual uni-stuff. LOADS of space.
    LOADS of things to buy (Beards will be there)
    LOADS of free tea to drink (maybe you might find a biscuit too)
    LOADS of fun!!
    LOADS of…well… everything else!!!
    There is also going to be an amazing Muni ride on the Sunday morning. Just
    before the kids go back to school. You can camp Friday from 5pm until Sunday
    noon, 24 hour hall and by the seaside…what else could you ask for?
    Any questions drop me an email or give me a call

Steve Grainger
Shooting Stars Circus Skills
6 Hopney Cottages
WR10 3JT
Office: 01386 550260
Mobile: 07970 107845
Web: (

what time is that going to be because im going to a carnival later that day well about 11am i think (about when i get up @ the moment)

Erm butty, I hate to break it to you . BUT Scarborough is about a 5 hour drive from Tiverton. NAd Princetown is about 1 hour in the other direction.


ok i guess i wont be doin that then and i dont live in tiverton bout 20 miles from it more closer to welly(sommerset)