REMINDER! 1st European MUni and Trial Convention

Don’t forget that the 1st European MUni and Trial Convention will be held in Fakse Ladeplads, Denmark, july 2005.
Remeber that the last day for pre-regristration is july 1.
Hope to see as many of you as possible, this will be an awesome convention, so sign up ASAP…! :slight_smile:

More information at

I 've bought my bus tickets to come !!

What does it change if you don’t pre-register ?

What does it change if you don’t pre-register ? [/B]

they don’t tell on the webpage… but try to email them at, fluck (at)

I have already registered but I wanted to know in order to tell other Frenchs

i don’t know. but maby no food for them…

Hi an’so!

On their website they say Euro 70,- for five days and daytickets are 16,-. So maybe you would have to pay 5x16,- = 80,- without pre-reg.
Or you can’t get a t-shirt without ordering one in advance? :thinking:
For sure, you couldn’t participate, if there are another 350 unicyclists going to register within the next two weeks! :astonished: :roll_eyes: :smiley: :smiley:

@all: Are there any other vegetarians going to EMUTC? I e-mailed FLUCK to ask them to take care about that. But I’m not sure, if they bother… :frowning:

Anyways, I’m really looking forward to that event!

Greetings, Jan

You have to register because there is a lot of preperations before the convention, things like how much foot they have to buy and so on… and it’ll be a lot easier if they know how many people there will show up

There is no special vegetarian foot, but there will be lots of vegetables, so it is possible to get good food, also if you don’t eat meat.

If you have any other questions, ask them here and we will try to answer them…:slight_smile:

What about spectating?

There is no way that I’d want to compete as I’ve only just started unicycling.

Could I go with my son just to go and watch?


The price for participation is 70 euros
Family members who want to participate 48 euros
A day ticket 16 euros

price for food if you don’t unicycle: 48 euro.

i will be there.

quite busy for me because I have 2 vacations and travels a few weeks with a circus.

So far I know there are only 2 dutch people.


you can se on the webpage who have signed up…

Hi Jan,

Good to hear ! I thought you dont come because I cant find your name on the list …



Hi emmal,

thank you very much for the information!
It is very common to get good vegetarian food and sometimes even vegan food at juggling-conventions, but I learned that unicycling-convention can be quite different…
My concern was that there might be a barbecue and nothing else exept spongy whitebread… :roll_eyes:
Good to hear that there will be vegetables too. :slight_smile:

@wendino: Just not registered yet…

See you in Denmark,