relocating to the UK, uni consideration

so this is early planning, but at some stage over the next 3 to 5 years i plan on moving back to the uk
ive been living and working on hong kong for the last 10 yrs, but for various reasons, space for family, pollution etc, recently im thinking about moving home.

now i have some family in the uk, but dont have an obvious choice where to relocate to.

job will be the biggie as to where we go, but unicycling is pretty important to me as my hobby, and this will give this some significant sway.

so as to what im looking.for. i ride muni and distance, but i can do these almost anywhere. but i do really really enjoy uni hockey
so my question for the forums…

which of he uni hockey clubs are big / active
multiple nights per week?

im thinking about midlands / west midlands at the moment, but this may change. any way let me know what areas / clubs are around


Hi, We have an active club here in the North East of England. JUST unicycle club play hockey most Thursday evenings and we have regular MUni rides and people ride distance too. Here is a link to the club.

To the best of my knowledge Bristol, Horsham, Southampton, London, Cardiff and Derby are all worth considering. In Bristol we’ve been playing every Wednesday evening for the last 8 years.

The clubs list at might be helpful to you.

You forgot Cambridge…

But then theres no-where very good for muni near here.