RelentlessbyFate! (Street Unicycling Database)

Kelly Hickman and I have started a website to help teach unicyclists street riding. It has videos of specific tricks to help people learn what a trick is called and how it looks, tutorials, shorts, and highlight films. We will also soon have interviews from some of your favorite riders. The website does not have all the youtube videos embedded quite yet, there is still work to do, so check the channel to view the missing videos. Please subsribe to us on youtube, like on us facebook, and follow us on twitter. There is much more to come! We appreciate any and all support.


i loved the new crankflip tutorial, they were explained perfectly. i really wanna learn these now

Sweet. I’ll be using this all the time.

There’s some serious quality to those tutorials. I might learn some street tricks yet! :sunglasses:


If anyone has any comments on how to make the site better, let us know. This is for unicyclists by unicyclists.


Site just got added to my favorites! I cannot wait for more tutorials. You guys explain things really well, and show the trick from so many different angles. It really helps to see how the trick is done. Keep them coming!

Comment: You need to change the “backflip” terminology, as we will soon see real backflips on unicycles.

The tutorials are really good.

A couple suggestions :

  • You should have somewhere where riders can submit a trick or tutorials
  • I think I’ve seen a sheet with all the tricks and explanations, in like a table… It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try to find it. You guys should add it to the site.

Awesome work though :slight_smile:

And you need to remove the pictures of you guys from the sides, it’s totally creepy having you guys stare at me. That might drive some people away from the site. Not that you 2 aren’t beautiful… but still.

Make the site easier to navigate on a smartphone.

I have been watching your beginner stuff, and i would prefer to have them split up up, so i don;t have to keep repeating certain sections or searching for it, but the videos theme selves are very helpful.

I think it would be more helpful to show a caught trey side if you would like to use it down stairs. The current one on your webpage is just thrown in between your legs Shaun.

Overall i’m really impressed by this database!

It’s not super practical to catch flips early on flat. It looks better but for the difficult increase and the amount that it actually makes it look better it’s not worth it. Which is why you don’t see any flips caught early on flat. However that would be more for a tutorial, which is in the list of what will be done. I’m working from the beginner point up.

The site is totally awesome.

I’m not too sure about body varials being called centuries… Is it safe to say no one will ever land a 540 body varial? I don’t think so. Once someone lands that (I def won’t be chasing it haha) it will have to be named a “year”? And are we going to change “sex change” to century flip? And what about fakie change etc. (I always just used to say sex change fakieflip but anywayz) Seeing as a decade flip isn’t called a full sex change which is what I was calling a decade flip (before anyone had landed it) would have followed the pattern of outflip - full outflip etc. Or are we gonna completely forget this pattern BS? In a way I want it to be called a century, cause its a cool name and I think all the tricks need better names instead of just this robotic generic crap… Meh I’ll start calling them centuries, I just hope no one ever lands a 540 body varial haha. I do want the name to change to something cool, just the transition period will be a pain, espesh for international, non-english riders.

Also yes backflip may need to change as its true we will start seeing actual backflips (no doubt)… but to what? And the transition for changing backflip is gonna be the biggest pain…

I support RBF! And I will do more so when I get my internet at home back up and running. Big storm fried our router…

Maybe just replace them with some cool riding pics. I know the sites in its early days, so I’m not gonna focus on saying it looks too boring etc (it does xD). Just needs some loving I think, will come with time.

Suggestion: Call them backcrankflips. Its specific enough for it to be its own trick, and that way you dont need to rename hickbacks, treybacks, hickdoublebacks etc.

Just a thought.

Reverse-Crankflip rolls off the tongue a little better.

Perhaps someone needs to come up with a hip name for a backflip and not mess around with renaming the backflip, it already rolls nicely off the tounge and its more likely to be done than an actual backflip.

I say we worry about that after someone lands a backflip

Max calls his trick a sideflip. Which guess what? We already have trick that’s called that. Why isn’t there conflict in that one? Backflips won’t be done unless they are done like how Max is doing sides (fronts). So they could be called fakie sideflips, back sideflips. Whatever… You get the idea. I’m not too worried about back flips becoming so popular due to the stress on the unicycle. I’ve been saying that for about 5 years now. lol