Relentless Volume 2 - KH/SJ Colab

Eight into the G block. Sorry for the delay.

It will be up on Vimeo shortly. Enjoy.

So awesome!!! Loving the rails. I’m so bummed I missed kelly’s 11 set crankflip.

Incredibly smooth and clean riding! Huge grinds and tricks!

LIKE! sick as!! and soooooooooo smooth!! awesome!! :smiley:

Wow! :astonished: I need to workout. Oh yeah, the unicycling was pretty good too, I guess.

Woah, that was insanely good! Even though I saw a lot of the clips in person, watching this just blew me away. Hands down some of the best street going down right now. I love how smooth the lines on the manny pads were, and the rails were massive! Only thing missing was a trey down a set Shaun :stuck_out_tongue: I’m so stoked to see what you guys put out in the future, and good luck with RelentlessByFate, I hope it’s going well.

really impressive riding, the double flip out of the rail blew my mind, really liked aswell the 11 stair set flip, not a big fan of the mannypads stuff, but as it’s really smooth i still enjoy it

keep the good riding up!

ps: hahahahaha, how funny is that, shaun asking people to put more personnality in their intros for vids… may be before saying that, you could try to put more personnality in your filming/editing… it didn’t change that much since the vids you did a couple of years ago, just saying

great stuff! i like this “oldschool” style… but did i get it right is shaun riding again? :slight_smile:

Only one word…

Can you upload it on Vimeo or Utv please? it’s blocked here in Germany because off copyright reasons :frowning:


Personality in filming is something I don’t aim for. In street I’m a slave to my environment, I don’t get to have amazing backgrounds since I have to use the obsticals and feature them. In flatland there are so many more places a person can ride (any place that’s flat), which gives them more angles to use, and a camera angle that can be placed far away due to the lack of technicality in the wheel with flips and more technicality in the body (actual flat lines and not flat flips here), which can be seen from a distance. Also certain angles need to be used so each trick is seen easily and no one has to watch anything more than once to make sure they got what happened. This is more easily done with angles that are close to the tricks and angled properly to keep things close to centered. I would love to have a filmer and make everything much easier for myself but unfortunately that’s an advantage I don’t have.

I have agree with shuan on this one. It’s really annoying when people comment on my videos saying that the filming was boring because obviously if the entire film has pretty much just static shots then I had no one to film me. its just kind of a stupid thing to say when the clips are static shots. i don’t like to use the fake pan from the editor in every clip as well. plus its really hard to film trials :stuck_out_tongue: even though were talking about street :smiley:

i understand your point of view, but i think it’s possible to make street video more interesting to watch… just watch elias vids… for example

That was great. I loved it. Sorry for holding things up :stuck_out_tongue:

Only one Word to describe this Video: Wow
It’s simply amazing.

Not sure if saying this is fair, Raph can make anything look good…

Yeah I don’t think Elias is a good example, I’m sure that if Shaun had a brother that was a professional filmer his videos would be beautiful too. :stuck_out_tongue: You could try putting in panning/zooming in the editing though, I used it in my last video and from what I heard people really liked it.

Edit: I do think you guys are using really good static angles though, I can tell what all the tricks are the first time watching and you show a good amount of runup and riding after the landing. :slight_smile:

ok, so i’ll take a better example, for me this video, even if the skill is not as good as the skill of shaun and kelly, is a lot better to be watched:

i don’t say this to make annemy or anything, i just find it’s a shame that after years of doing unicycling vids, shaun is not pusing is filming/editing skill to do better vids, i would love to watch a REALLY good vid of him.

It’s never been about the filming and editing for me. It’s always been about a tripod and fast paced clips. I don’t care to dress up any clip with little editting tricks because I don’t want to take away from the footage or the tricks. I generally don’t do easy clips with a cool background. I don’t have any backgrounds to use anyway. people may want two shots of things, or time lapse, pans, zooms (which basing it off a tripod means to zoom then do picture scrolls, which zooming reduces quality), slow mo (though I will do that on tricks that are tough to see, either skill or background issues) off set shots. But for me it’s just fast paced, center, make sure you can see it, shots. Street riding also has no reason to see the body, it’s all waist down, filming more so just to capture the extent. So why film more than you need to? Why dress it up when it’s not about what you can do on a computer but what you can do on a uni?

Not gonna lie, for the exceptions of a few clips that vid was full of static shots. I think your escalating these debate/arguments too much bobousse same with eli’s macro spin. its shauns vid and he was talking about intros not moving shots or static shots. i liked the vid a lot and it had incredible riding in it and i think we should leave it at that :stuck_out_tongue: