Relentless Volume 1 - Shaun Johanneson

“Memory Serves”


Good riding with you man, videos definitely turned out good. I don’t remember seeing half of your clips in here haha.

Shaun. I have never seen anybody whose flips and spins are quite as clean as yours. Everything you do looks painless. I love the way you grind to the kink, and I love the flow! Keep up the solid riding my friend :smiley: Can’t wait for NAUCC! It’s gonna be a blast, bro! Thanks for the shout out in the credits too (:

Great video! So much flow and style :slight_smile: I loved the big grinds!

i never agreed with you, and never liked the way you think
but your riding is just great and i love it!

– bobousse

Classic Shaun Johanneson. Awesome flow, really loved it. Super technical stuff. My favorite was the fifth up, 5 down on the manny pad.

Awesome! I loved all of the technical grinds!

Now this kind of thing makes me actually want to ride street… something I don’t think I have said before…
And I never thought I would get to see a new shaun j video :slight_smile: thanks. It was great. Really nice to see your flow still exists.

Awesome video, you’re such a beast at tech grinds! And those rails were huge

This makes me so happy, a new video of Shaun. Your the rider with the most flow and style I’ve seen so far. I can’t wait for NAUCC.

Only downside, I didn’t like the hat.

I dig!

I liked the smoothnessssssss

yeeah boy, you still got it :slight_smile: sick rail grinds…inwards small flip to 360 on manny pad was awesome too. would of been nice to see the grind to spin outs from seat in :stuck_out_tongue: but they still flowed pretty nicely as you did them. hope to see more stuff from you in the future :slight_smile:

Haha yeah on one of the camera angles, the hick out of grind looked like a outflip cause it was so smooth, didn’t look like you pulled the seat out from under you.

Gotta love this unicycling world and how supportive they are. Thanks guys. I wish my outflips weren’t blind. It’d be a bit nicer to keep it like that but oh well. It’s going to take some time to get some of the more techy tricks down as they are shown nowadays in a lot of people’s videos but I’ll do my best to continue to entertain.

Welcome back :slight_smile: I sense a change in the winds for the good of mankind. Oh and the unicycling world.

We have to have a grind and a pads sess at NAUCC.

Of course, I loved everything, but mostly the hick double up the pad and all the footplants to grind. Nice work with riding, filming and editing.


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Thanks for posting it on vimeo! You guys are amazing! Loved it!

The unofficial rides are gonna be the BEST!