Relentless Volume 1 - Kelly Hickman

“Shoot the Gap”


Good job on the editing. Definitely did a good job with all that footage you had to work with.


Cleanest, flowiest, steeziest rider ever? Yes. Kelly, this was insane! The flip up the curb and outback down was sooo clean, and the fullvarial to decade was nuts! I loved the riding my friend. I like the “casual” flip down the 8 too :wink: you’re an animal my friend! 3 weeks! (:

+1 :slight_smile: I LOOOOVE IT! I have to try decade :smiley:

No one doesn’t love this… You’ve got awesome style. My favorites were the inward 180-backslide-inward 180, and of course, fullvarialfakie and decade. That’s probably the most unique way I’ve seen the 360 body varial done, and it definitely looks the best. I’ll be doing that today for sure hahaha.

Wow, huge riding! The flip down the 8 set was insane! And the fullvarialbackflip and decade were amazing and clean!

This video is so sick! I loved the mix of big sets, rails, and tech grinds. The decade was really insane, I’m gonna try that today. NAUCC is going to be awesome!

I love the way you move when you are on the Unicycle Kelly. Your grinds are awesome. And that decade looks so fun. I can’t wait to fail miserably at trying it.

woow, this is a perfect video!! everythink was awesome :slight_smile:

very sick liked all of it!!!

Yeah I loved the inward 180 backslide 180 aswell, sick as. I might try it, looks really hard tho. I’m horrible at backslides.

siick man…loved it all. full varial fakie flips are probably the greatest trick ever…gap over the rail was nuts too…

Can’t watch it in Germany:(
Stupid GEMA

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your an incredable rider! i loved all the big stuff off the sets. the other stuff was really good too but i love watching you do those big old school tricks off those big sets :slight_smile: you have such a cool style. i hope that i can jump as long and high ast you (rolling) some day :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the vimeo links! Very impressive riding!