Release dates?

When my mom says so.

Generally it’s when the stuff is ready, so timelines go out the window for the most part, but on occassion new product releases are in advance of an industry retailer show so the products can be shown off. Unicycling is so small that I’m not sure any of our new products create much of a stir :roll_eyes:

You could always ask… you many not get an answer, but you can try.

Okay, when will they be released?


ha ha, excellent. That is a “life the universe and everything” question, you will need to be a little more specific on your question. I guess could always give you an appropriate answer.


There are some unicycle models coming at the beginning of November. I think we should get specifications and photos out in a few weeks time.

Are you making any more new muni parts or cranks? :slight_smile:

Yes, new things on the Muni line. I am not being specific yet, you will just need to wait to see.

He already said “42”, what else could you need to know?


Okay, I asked my mom and she said: 2 + 3

So, now you know to universal truths!

Roger, will/when will there be:

  • double quick release seat clamps?
  • 29 oracle?
  • 36 oracle?
  • 36 oracle muni version?

When will my son start doing his school without procrastinating?

Oh, sorry, wrong forum :wink:

Stop the presses! Nurse Ben’s giving us the INSIDE SCOOP on the unicycling industry RIGHT HERE AND NOW! Read on for his STIMULATING and INSIGHTFUL commentary…

…even though he hasn’t a clue about the subject.

“Our” products? Which ones have you released again?

Kris’s products always create a stir. His 2012 gear announcement thread got 10k views and 160+ replies. But you can safely ignore that… as you do any info that contradicts your gospel.

As much of a Hitchhiker fan as the next person if I was an Oracle I would prophesize the number 29 :stuck_out_tongue:

For a second I thought I saw 42" (forty-two inches). Now THAT would be interesting! I tried to get Coker interested in making one back when they were asking for suggestions for their second generation…

That would be a large rolling piece of rubber!

I’d like to see some skinnier rim and tire choices for road, even though I’m not a road rider, I think it would lead to lighter tires which would increase the number of folks riding a big wheel, then maybe we’d get more tire choices for off road…

I just finished a 32" frankentire built from Maxxis Advantage “silkworm” tires (Similar sidewall to an RR Evo), the finished tire including glue and stitching is ~600gm. So why does our lightest 36er road tire choice weigh three times as much?

Now that the Oracle line has a release date for November, will there be any changes to the basic muni line for Nimbus? Will the 26" still be offered in red or black? Any tire or crank changes? Etc.

Are you just curious or do you want more info so you can think about what you’ll buy next?

UDC will custom build stuff for you if you ask nice and are prepared to wait a little longer and maybe pay a little extra, though lately they have said no ore often, it kinda depends on their mood :smiley:

If you want custom, you should build your own, pick the frame, rim, hub, tire, you can even get stuff elsewhere and base your build on what you think is best vs what is sold in a complete uni.

Some folks on the forum have been using lightweight mtb rims with great success, cutting the rim weight by 50% in some cases.

More than just curious. I am now just in the position to buy one and the choice of color and upgrades *have diminished due to lack of inventory. * I am just trying to decide to purchase now or just wait to see if there are any changes in November.

+1. My first uni was a cheapy learner, my second a complete Nimbus muni as I didn’t really know any better in terms of spec. However I wouldn’t buy a complete brand-new off-the-shelf uni again now I know what I want. Looking at the specs of those you can buy there are immediately several things I’d want to change, and at least here in the UK it’s just as cheap to buy a kit of parts as to buy a complete uni. So if you’re competent as spannering it’s a lot more economic doing it that way than changing bits afterwards. Hence my completely custom 19er (every component is Nimbus apart from the pedals and spokes, but it’s nothing like anything they sell complete).

If US UDC inventory is out, look outside the US. I recently compared UK and Germany UDCs when I recently bought a 36" KH frame. From Germany the cost was less than US UDC. UK and Germany prices include a VAT tax ~15% that is discounted when shipping abroad. Germany had the best price.

Example of 36" frame conversion to us dollars before shipping cost.
UK 98pounds - 15% VAT===$132 dollars
GMY 109EUROS - 19% VAT===$114 dollars
US $165==============$165 dollars <<<< :astonished: $$$$!

After conversion there is room for the extra shipping cost.

Check other countries as well.

Thanks for the advice. I now have new options to explore.

Being based in hong kong. But from the UK
My ‘local’ UDC is the UK site. I am paid in a currency pegged to the US dollar and the rate to GBP is not too bad at the moment

Also the uk VAT ( which the prices on the sites includes ) is a whopping 20% not 15
So if outside the EU this will be deducted
The UK and German sites may be very similar