Release date of Kris Holm unicycle 2006?

Is the 2006 model of his unicycle going to be released soon. I would hate to go out and buy his 2005 model and a month later a new and better one comes out. Anyone heard anything?

ive heard there going to come out early spring, so id just wait even if it’ll kill you, its worth it getting a new one since your so close.

Hmm… actually your not close, but owell wait anyway

I believe Kris has said that there will be no actual 2006 model, just incremental upgrades as the year goes on.

yea thats right, so maybe you might wanna just get an 05 model enstead of waiting. Im just going to upgrade as the years go on, like if i need a new hub get an 06 one, new frame, 06 frame… etc…

i was on the same dilema, of either waiting for the 06 model, but in the end bought the 05 model. Because the 05 model is soo great in itself, and if the 06 model is that much better, than i can just upgrade it :slight_smile:

Ah, to wait or to buy now, that’s a common question in every industry. You need to balance what your current needs are. If you want to ride tomorrow, buy the best available today. If you can wait, it’s best to contact KH directly on when new updates to the line are going to be available (and then of course inform the rest of us here). Like already mentioned in this thread, it sounds like Kris Holm isn’t going to have a yearly model, but instead will make incremental upgrades to each component of his unicycles and make each improvement available immediately (of course after all the manufacturing time).

To be honest, unless Kris has got something totally incredible in the works (there’s talk of a KH geared hub), the 05 models of each of his unis are pretty much the pinnacle of the technical & affordable limits of unicycles… Strong splined hubs, aluminium frame, dual density foam saddle, strongest rim (not just for unicycles but bikes too), capable and relevant tyres. You can’t get much better than this, unless you get into exotic alloys like Titanium or Magnesium, which are restrictively expensive.

Go for the 05, the 06’s won’t be as big a technical leap as from the 04’s to 05’s, I can’t see it happening while keeping the same price level.


How about cromoly bearing caps (for the trials), A cromoly seatpost (for the trials). As well as a 26" muni option. Apart from that it’s great.

everybody is nagging me “why do you stay with your outdated 20”?"
simple: I am waiting for the Surly Muni… :frowning:
-or a re-combination of KH +largemarge+endomorph -------

yeah, the wait for the Conundrum is long and getting longerrrrrr.

i too was going to wait but i guess ill just go for it since everyone says it shouldnt be much of a diff… now i just need to sell my nimbus X 20" and ill order the ol’KH20"!

I just bought a kh trials 05 yipeeeeee!!! I was thinkin of aitin but UDC had a sale on. It WAS £310, NOW £240 yes.


sorry to bring back a dead thread, but is there any word on this geared hub?

it’s gonna be isis splined and be able to shift on the fly from 1:1 to 1:1.55 like current schlumpfs. that’s about all that is known.

Yup, and just so no one asks, there is no expected release date or suggest retail price yet. Kris said it will be done when it’s done. So rather than rush an unfinished product lets be patient and wait until this thing is solid.