release date for new KH Velo's?

I remember a couple of months ago that KH had posted about a new version of the KH Velo saddle that will ship with an adjustable rail adapter. Does anyone recall a date as to when it might be released? Thanks.


I was talking to a lad who said he was waiting for the new KH saddle to come out, with Carbon Fibre base!?

I didnt know there was one! Is there one?



Well i heard that the new KH seat would come with a built in seat warmer. Plus, i heard the handle would be made of platinum.

Ooh! And it was going to be gyroscopically balanced, so you just had to sit there, and, and…

Here is a link to Kris’s (danager_uni’s) post regarding the carbon fibre version.

I also found the link regarding the rail adapter:

Odd thing though, I could find a link to a seat warmer. However, there’s some nut in Alaska that has quite the saddle. Check this out!



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I havnt got a Kh Velo saddle, but my dad has. His is one of the first ones, without the plate.

The Cf one should be good…


I love this. People were asking every couple days when the first Velo seat was going to be available. Now they ask when the new seat will be available. Heh.

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Well I’m working evenings and basically only have weekends and mornings off, So safe riding .