Relaxed Trials

[B]A short video with some decent riding (I think)

Sorry for the quality.

Please give feedback.[/B]

You’ve got wicked skinny balance.
But I thought the rest of the vid was… so so.

Awesome hair too :smiley:

Pretty cool.

But what’s with all the seat in ?


What’s with the thumbs down? It was a great short vid.

really cool video! the rails and the rolling hops :astonished:

Sick vid! Liked how you changed it up with the seat in trials.

Riding seat in is a good thing, and it looks cooler.
Riding seat out is basicly a handy-cap, or a little wheel chair, for the unicycle rider.

Really? There I was thinking it was personal preference!
Cool video man!

hahaha edd.

IMO, SI is ugly as hell lol. Kevin, you made it look really good. I just say its all personal preference.

Its really not, seat in is way more impressive, seat out is like a crutch.

really, i have to disagree with you. I mean, it is really really hard to try and get huge sidehops SI, (i used to NOT ride ANY SIF). Knowing how to do both helps. SI has its own place, as does SIF. SIF is a lot cooler when you can stick a really mad up/gap. there are only a few riders who make SI look good. Kevin is one of them. actually, hes about it for riders that make it look good. Him and Joe Hodges.

it may be harder, but it DOES have its limits.

Ive gotta say i was expecting more in this video Kevin but it was still insane.Youre so gutsy for riding that rail along the bridge.As for SI and SIF.I dont think SI looks as good but sif only looks better if done well (im improving on that) and it has more options.SI is better for control on landings but SIF is better for being able to move the seat side to side for balance.Either way they both have their ups and downs and its personal preference

very nice riding, rails, hops… :astonished:
and your hair is awesome, but can you see enything?

Nice rail riding. The rolling hop to post was balsy, props.
Good trials riders should use the best of advantages of both SIF and SI in their riding.

Not your best IMO. Too many rails, not enough longer lines.

As for SI and SIF, apart from skinnys I ride pretty much everything SIF. I find I get a lot more controll, it is far easier to ballance, you can just tuck every hop making them feel alot smaller and dam it feels so much better, I love it. :smiley:

I can hop fairly high SI but it feels like too much effort compared to the same hight SIF.

Personal prefrence realy, I know what I prefer.

I prefer SI over SIF

There was only one rolling hop :slight_smile:

Thanks, Yea most times :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I do SIF to. But only for hops over 80cm.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Anyone else notice how he grabs the tire on hops?

I’ve never seen that before. Props.

Cool vid. This vid was awesome in a unique way. It showed a lot of ballsy stuff, and really made me feel like going out and riding.

Can you hit 80cm, SI static?

Nah, I have to use pre hops.

where do i start?

AWSOME: ki uni, ki clothes and shoes, music by the knife, skinny riding, the gap and that crazy hop onto the post!! oh and the hair!

although i’m afraid the rest was kinda average but the good parts were really good!!

ride watever feels comfortable guys. who cares about how others ride? I ride SIF for high jump stuff and SI for basically everything else.

overall it was a very good vid and i liked it alot!:wink: