Relaxed, not technical muni vid

Man’s Best Friend

ugh. I’m disappointed with the quality:( . I’ll have to produce a better version with power director but it takes so long :(.

Man, I’m really really impressed.

That song (what’s the name and artist?) was perfect and the incorperation of the dog… just everything was great.

Fav video in a long time.

Is this with your new cam? How did you export it and from what program?


Thanks, The song is by Brandon Heath called “I’m Not Who I Was”

I let the software produce it in higher quality as I went to bed. So I woke up this morning and it looks like it should. I’m uploading HQ to vimeo then I’ll do youtube for ya skilewis.

This was filmed with my new cam (panasonic pv-gs320) the day I got it. I exported it as the fastest regular quality streaming file using Powerdirector. Now I exported it as an HD streaming file even though the movie’s not and it looks pretty good.

That video was cool it really looked like you had a fun time. Loved the dog!


Heres a higher quality version

Youtube is uploading…


Nice and comfortable, well done

Hey … that WAS fun. I too enjoyed the hound in the vid. Also the low angle shots. Done good feller.

:sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Nice Video look’s fun

Seeing videos makes me want to get a bigger uni more and more.

HD is looking pretty good with that camera nice job

Thanks for the comments!
One last bump then I’ll let this thread die!

A very good video, loved the dog, film work and laid back riding style/music combo. An excellent muni video, probably the hardest style to make watcheable.

haha, that crankflip came out of nowhere! Nice video, I’d enjoy watching more like this. (the HD is awesome, too)

This is one of my favorite videos. It’s nice to see something laid back. The dog was a great addition to the video.


edit: I’m removing the first vimeo version. if the hq isnt going very fast cause of your connection you can turn the hd off and its fine.

very nice