relative merits of these saddles

I’m trying to pull the trigger on my next unicycle purchase(s). I’m thinking about Nimbus 24" MUni and the Nimbus 29" Road. Both of the them have the same seat options:

Nimbus Gel (standard)
KH Street Blue (+$25)
KH Freeride Black (+$25)

I’m tempted to go with the Nimbus Gel. So far all my experience has been with Torker saddles and my sense is that most people would say that the Nimbus saddle is a step up. Should I be considering the KH seats?

I got a kh freeride after using a club saddle for a while.
I think it was worth the extra $25, but I havent used a nimbus gel yet.
Probably depends on how much you want to invest, the stock kh will be better than a stock nimbus gel; you get what you pay for.
Or, you could flatten the nimbus gel!

My favorite is the Freeride for muni and for my 7 mile commute.

I just got an Oracle 24 floor model to add to my collection which comes with the nimbus gel and I don’t like it nearly as much as the Freeride.

If I were you (and I’m not), I’d fork over the extra $ and get the Freeride.

Nimbus gel is a huge improvement over the torker, but for only $25 it’s probably worth the extra money to have a KH.

The freeride and street are both more comfortable than the nimbus gel. They are all in the same ballpark, and they are all much better than a torker saddle.

The freeride is very cushy. The street is nice and thin, almost no chaffing problems, but it will take some getting used to as it’s hard.

If you are handy, even just a little bit, you can flatten the nimbus gel. Then you have a great saddle as comfortable as the other two easily.

I prefer less more dense foam like the kh street. This was I sit on the correct bones of my butt rather than a soft deep foam saddle just squashing everything there… Which ever you choose make it flat!! Kh seat cover are removable and I think nimbus ones are stapled on the underside
Hope that helps

ive been finding that when doing long distance rides in cycling clothes, the freeride is over padded.

For muni or short distance rides when not wearing cycling shorts the freeride is the more comfortable saddle to the street.

If it were me I would get the street

I’d definitely spend the $ to upgrade.

The F Fr has a cut out down the middle , putting most of the pressure on your sit bones improving circulation. Personally I’d get this.

If you like to do a lot of SIF trials I’d get the Street, since its easier to hold that way than the Freeride.

Yes u could flatten the Gel but since the cover is stapled on, harder to reattach.

Also consider the Nimbus Flat. I’ve heard it’s similar to the Street, but the cover again is stapled on. Call them up and they can prob switch it for free.

I actually rode the nimbus gel today for a 2 1/2 hour technical muni ride today and found it surprisingly comfortable, even with a, shall we say, tired rear-end.

It is a bit curved and squishy.

Everyone keeps saying they like the Fusion Street (which I use on my trials and 36). On my 36 I may just have to get used to it. I am going to give it a few more weeks before switching to a FR.

It’s weird, tons of people like the fusion street for distance, but I really don’t. It seems to be very hard and squarish. It does have a center cutaway, but that seems useless since the cover is so tight. Maybe flattened mine would be better.

Ever sat on a road bike saddle? And they do a fair amount more miles than a uni each ride.

Firm saddle gives support. Flat saddle base, the foam channel and a good pair of padded mtb shorts give the comfort.
Really is personal preferences with saddles. Like so many things not one is perfect.
I vote flat. That’s a must. At least try firm street or slim foam saddle. If you still can’t bare it stick to a freeride but really over a decent distance it won’t do many supportive favours. Its a saddle for support not a arm chair for watching movies

Agree the saddle covers interfer with the effectiveness of the channel. My saddle in the works I am making the cover follow the contour of the foam. Similar to unigeezer’s YouTube video.

I have no comfort issues on a flat firm saddle. Takes getting used to in regards to climbing on a flat saddle if one is used to a lot of climbing on a curved nose saddle. Perhaps a flat saddle is more of the comfort discussion rather than which level of foam is better?

Thanks everybody for your advice. I decided to try the KH Street and the Nimbus Gel. In another month or so I’ll try to report back.

is it possible that the fusion street “breaks in”? I have had trouble with it on my 36 since I got it over a month ago. After 5 mins or so I get pain, blood getting cut off and chafing. Today, I rode it to work and had no problems at all. No pain anywhere. Or am I just getting used to it?

you dont break saddles in

its the saddle that breaks you in

Yep, that’s a good one! :smiley:

I ended up buying both the Nimbus 24" MUni with a Nimbus Gel saddle and the Nimbus 29" Road with a KH Street saddle. As far as the saddles go they work fine - I really don’t have any complaints.

I’m having fun learning to ride the new wheels, alternating days. Seems like I have to learn to freemount again every day - since I’m kind of uncoordinated and the wheel diameter/crank length combinations contrast so much! But I’m patient. Obviously… otherwise I wouldn’t be so enamored with the one wheel adventure.

I should mention that I’m very pleased with the Nimbus Unis. A clear step up from my Torker LXs.