Reinforcement Man Strikes Again! (new seat reinforcement!)

Well after the Breakage of my first seat reinforcement , I decided to make a new one for my MUni. this time I used a design that was based on pictures I saw here on the site. one is by, and was posted in the second link, and I don’t remember where the other one was. Anyway, this is a test. it’s made out of sheet metal, so it was really easy to make. However, I’m not sure as to how strong it will be. Hard riding will tell about that.

oops, forgot to attach pic:


Next pic:


How is that connected to the seatpoast? :thinking:

the flanges are bolted to a bolt through the brake post, which is attached to the rail bars.

Re: Reinforcement Man Strikes Again! (new seat reinforcement!)

The other one was by billham in this thread.

ah, thanks. I think I’ll avoid the stresses that broke his because my flange that attaches to the brake post is longer and goes beyond the second bolt. It’s kinda disconcerting to see a reinforcement like mine but made of thicker metal broken.

Well, if necessary, I can make mine thicker. This is just a test. if it works, I’ll keep it. if not, well, I’ll just build a beefier one.