Reinforcement Finished

Unispycho finished the seat post reinforcement(some reason doubled in price…punk)and painted. here it is on my uni.

p1010032 small.jpg


p1010031 small.jpg

I shoulda put my good saddle back on first…

Oh and for some reason when I got it back it was missin the little black dust cap thingy…So Chris, could you take a look around the shop for it…Or I might have to take yours :wink:

p1010036 small.jpg

Is this a qu-ax hub?

Looks Torker to me.

look like a torker yes, but… aren´t qu-ax and toker cranks the same??

close enough ot hte same for me, but i put in the pic to show chris which part is missing, those little dust caps, theres supposed to be a black one around hte bolt, i gave it to him with both and got it back with one.

Those little dust cap rings are the bit that makes the cranks self-extracting. They will fall off on their own if they are not threaded all the way into the crank. To tighten them up you’ll need a pin spanner. They need to be threaded on tightly to keep them from falling off. If you don’t want to buy a special purpose pin spanner you can make your own from a wire coat hanger.

You can get replacement self-extracting dust caps at a bike shop. I don’t know if the dust caps on your cranks are a special size or not. Your friendly LBS would know.

looks like it’d be pretty heavy to me… didn’t Fuego, or someone, design a seat reinforcer that was fairly light?

Its actually not very heavy at all, the reinforcments are hallow steel tubes and very light.

Is the duct tape for sif?

Actually it was a defective saddle, but the duct tape really helps for blistas on ya fingas in sif

Re: Reinforcement Finished

I don’t feel liek goign through a large arguement on this, but I would like to defend unipsycho a bit. First, yes, I see that it’s a bit of a joke, but I think you are still a bit annoyed by it. Here’s my thoughts on custom fabrications:

Working with metal in ANY way is slow, tiring, expensive, and difficult work. Yes, he should’ve quoted you the cirrect price initially, but those making custom parts for unicycles are not doing it for a profit and are often accepting some cost or barely breaking even. Just something to remember when someone gives you a price on a part.

I really dont care, I just mess with him.