Reinforced or light???

I’m reasoning which unicycle i should get but i think im nearly settled :smiley: For the wheelset which is better Koxx-one Trial light or Koxx-One trial reinforced???They have everything the same apart from the the the light one is…light and the reinforced one is more heavy and will be harder to break (i think:D)

if you’re heavy and want to do big drops, get the reinforced, but as your only 12 the light will probably be enough :slight_smile:

A long time ago a friend who worked in the LBS told me to pick two words out of three.
The three words were light (weight), cheap and strong.
Whichever two words you pick, your b*ke or component will not be the third.
I.E. if you pick light and strong, it will not be cheap.
If you pick cheap and strong, it will not be light.
You get the gist.

I have never forgotten this and it’s pretty good advice.

I ride a K1 light trial wheelset. It holds up very well for my weight at 125lbs (around 55kg.) and I ride alot of trials. I’ve taken it off drops of around 8 foot to no rollout and it’ still going strong.

Also, Into the Blue, that is a quote from Keith Bontrager, a mountain biking pioneer.

I knew that!

I knew that.

(shifty eyes)