Regular / Goofy issue

I’m starting with my first jumps and I have a doubt.

I’m right handed, I hop always with the right food forward and grapping my seat with the right hand (except when riding down stairs where I use the left hand), and for side-jump I’m more confortable jumping to the left.

I guess this is something like skate, surf or snow. I see most people put the left foot forward and grap the seat with the right hand; others do the exact opposite. What bother me is that I use right foot and hand, maybe this’ll cause me trouble in advanced moves, for example grinding.

¿opinions? ¿how do you do it?

Keep riding !!

hablo espanol ;D me gustaria ayudar
I have the exact opposite stance to you (left foot forward, left hand on the seat and jumping to the right), I can grind ledges and stuff fine, haven’t done rails because im scaredy :smiley:
I think simon berry has the same stance as you, as well as some other good riders
It won’t cause you much trouble, pedalgrabs are a little harder to learn though! just practise :smiley:

Yeah, it’s a little bit tricky because the grab and rails have to be made with the forward foot so I have to jump to my unconfortable side xD

You don’t :slight_smile:

that’s me, right foot back :slight_smile: EDIT WRONG VIDEO :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s a little harder at first, and i had the same problem when i first started, i even made a thread exactly like this! :smiley:
Joe hodges rides backfoot, like us
Max Shulze rides frontfoot
both riders are absolutely beastly at trials, it’s just a preference thing, although backfoot is seen as slightly harder. :slight_smile:

So if I wanna do a rail I jum to the left and grind the rail with my back foot??

It seems hard as hell xD

haha yeah man! :slight_smile:
It feels weird for a bit, but it’s all good, I found watching some stuff of people in the same stance as me helped, i’ll find a video for you!

simon berry :smiley:

Christian Huriwai and Kelly Hickman (both really crazy street riders) have no problem griding with their backfoot.

I have the same stance as you pretty much:
-Right Hand on the handle
-Right Foot Forward
-Jump to the left (or right)

I have no problem griding ledges or boxes on my backfoot (jumping to the left), I think it even grinds better then when I do it with my frontfoot (right foot-jump to the right). That being said, I prefer griding rails with my frontfoot, so, jumping to the right.

mike taylor also hops with left foot back, to the left.

Thx all :wink: so I see there’s at all, just some variation to the party xD

I do the same, I’ve always hopped like that and never had problems.

Both Joe, Fabian and Aleix does it that way… they are some of the best trialriders in the world… The stance is not an issue… :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW your stance and the complete opposit is called backfooted, and if you are riding left foot forward, right hand on seat and hopping to the left and opposit it’s called frontfooted…

The bigger issue here is not going to be foot vs. hand vs. hop direction. Its going to be foot vs. hand vs. spin direction.

In the long run if you plan to learn lots of spin and flip tricks, it will help to uni spin in the direction of your front hand. That being said, it also makes the most sense to spin the direction of your front foot (this makes catching unispins easier in the beginning, but is not a do or die situation).

Basically if you are right foot forward and hold the handle with your right hand, you are in good shape so far. When it comes time to learn uni spins, it will be in your best interest to learn them spinning to the right. This will solve any issues with learning “out tricks” which for some riders (like me) have to be learned blind.

As for grinds, I have never seen anyone having any issues grinding front or back foot, blind or not, and with either hand.

I wouldn’t over think it at this stage, you seem to have normal stance, and in the long run you will end up learning both hopping directions.

Sam! that explains why I find outspins so hard, i didn’t think to learn them blind though :slight_smile:
It also gives me an excuse to have not landed 3spins yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Not. Luke Collalto was/is like this.

I was joking :wink: Im just finding excuses for being terrible, I think trials is my game anyway :slight_smile:

Luke Collalto was like what?

spinning towards his backfoot :slight_smile:

in my city we all think right foot forward, right hand and hopping to the left is normal and the other way is goofy.

but in other places its the opposite :stuck_out_tongue:

we all grind fine, hop fine and everything…i couldnt think of grinding with my right foot!

Kind of on a tangent, but what stance do you think is easier (if either)?

  1. Right foot forward, spin clockwise, right hand flipping, outspinning normally, grinding backfoot.

  2. Left foot forward, spin counterclockwise, right hand flipping, outspin blind, grinding front foot.

Or of course the exact opposites of both of those. I’m just wondering so that I can advise people as they learn. :slight_smile:

I think the front foot issue is not a matter of choice in most cases, is just the natural stance for each one. On the other hand, I think the hand, spinning and jumping direccion can be changeble.