Registration Open for NAUCC 2017

Registration for this summer’s North American Unicycle Championships and Convention (in Western WA) is now open! or

See you there!

WooHoo! Yes!

After missing three in a row, not this one. I’m going to drive up, so I can bring lots of toys and ride what I want. :slight_smile:

Marathon race down the Iron Horse trail? That’s going to make for an interesting tunnel experience! That trail is much better ridden without being in such a hurry. I hope to join people for a more leisurely ride of it at some point.

Can’t wait!

Bike the Loop Road at Craters of the Moon National Monument

I did not want to start a new thread so this looked like a good place. We are driving out to the NAUCC from KC. Taking about 5 days to get there, hang out at the convention for 4 days then take about 8 days to get home. My wife is joining me as a nonparticipant. So she will be looking for a shopping partner :astonished: if anyone else is bringing a nonparticipant who might enjoy joining her.

Has anyone ever ridden the Bike the Loop Road at Craters of the Moon National Monument? It is one of our stops on the way.

I will be riding in the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower, Bighorn National forest, Yellowstone and Craters of the moon before we get to Seattle. So any tips on trails or places to ride along the way would be great. Or maybe someone along the way to ride with?

If you stay on I-35 all the way to Minneapolis before swinging west to the Badlands, I’m sure we could find some local dirt or pavement to ride on. The scenery won’t be as awesome as the national parks, but it’s nice to have another one-wheeler to ride with.

No, but I was there in 1995 and it was clear where you shouldn’t ride!

In Yellowstone I rode up the bike-legal, closed road to Natural Bridge. The rock formation was not that interesting, but I saw a coyote and surprised a huge elk, because there was nobody else anywhere in there!

I spent 8 days riding up there at my 1st NAUCC in 2014. Had a great time!

It looks like they put in a pretty nice trail in some sections. We will see.