Register NAUCC

Hi, I have some quick questions about registering for NAUCC 2005. I realize its to late to register to be a competitor, unless i pay $100 on-site. I was looking on the regestration form and it says you can register as a non-competitor for $30. Does this mean you can register on-site as a non-competitor for $30 instead of $100 (if youre not competing). Also is on-site regestration only on tuesday July 26?

Registration tables are usually set up to mass register on the first day of the convention. You can still register if you arrive after Tuesday, you just have to ask around for the right person to give your money to if a registration area is not evident.

A note from Jan Layne (convention host) for NAUCC non-competitors who have not yet registered:
“Just wanted to mention that the non-competitor fee is only $30.00 if you sign up at the meet but the Banquet meal will not be included because our meal count has to be turned in 2 weeks before. Also the meet T-shirts will not be sold at the meet. We already placed our first order but will be sending another one in July.”

If you’re coming in for just one day to watch, you might not have to pay the non-competitor fee but you should if you’re going to stick around for a while.

Hope that helped. See you there, Kathy

I was looking at this schedule about NAUCC and it says there will be a workshop on tuesday, which i assume will be indoor. Would i be able to ride my unicycle/ participate in the workshop with a unicycle with a black tire?I’m asking because tires that make treads arernt always allowed indoors and i want to make sure because the uni’s i have all have black tires on them.

Usually when unicyclists rent a gym it is with the stipulation that the unicycles have non-marking tires. I haven’t heard that that is the case this year but it is very likely. Either way you should sit in on the workshops and pick up some tips and strategies. Perhaps someone will loan you a unicyle for a moment to try something new. Attend anyway.


If you’re going, I highly recommend you register ASAP so you can be signed up for the big dinner. If you’re worried about being left out, you can send an email to Jan Layne to let her know your registration is coming so she can add another seat.

Competing is fun, and much of the schedule is designed with that in mind. In other words, if you don’t compete you may be bored. The higher price is to pay for all the awards. It can be like playing age-lottery: There are so many age groups, if you’re in the right one you can win a lot of awards without even trying! :slight_smile:

For workshops, yes we have to adhere to the requests of the gym’s owners. Non-marking tires is pretty much a given for indoors. Some workshops may be outside (especially if they involve things like Trials unicycles). For others, it is also usually possible to find and borrow a unicycle that fits you, and is also of the correct type.

On the registration form it says that after june 26 you can only register on site for $100. I am not going to compete because i can only stay for a few days of the convention. The things i want to see are:

8-10 pm expert individual, pairs and show

Friday: I think the races will get boring with all of the different age groups for each of the races. I want to attend the Friday workshop because it is outside and i only have marking tire unicycles.

Saturday: The non-traditional races will be fun to watch (coastine, UW,). High and long jump too.

Sunday: On the schedule it says there are MUni events at the white star park. Will there be trials to? If so i would like to go there. If they have a trials comp there will i have to register as a competitor to compete? How far away from the convention is White Star Park? Is sunday part of the convention or is it just a fun thing after the convention?

The Sunday events are kinda-sorta part of the convention, but last I heard, officially not. A Trials course may still be up in the air; it depends on whether they have people with the time, know-how and resources to build one. I haven’t heard any details about what’s planned for that day.

The park is about 30 miles northeast from Bowling Green, which is in the direction of Cedar Point. How convenient! Cedar Point is the best amusement park in the world. Don’t take my word for it, look it up. Better yet, make it a part of your NAUCC plans!

On thursday there is a event called show. What is show? The days i listed above are probably the days i will be going? Will i probably end up getting bored on any of these days?