regional show?

im back. i know i havent posted in a while but thats because i havent had a computer to work on. all of my computers died for a while. im back now though, and i wanted to know about some pointers for something. im about level 6.5 if you measure in freestyle skill levels, and this place near me is haveing a competition, and they enthusiastically asked me to be in their show. they said i would do well, but im nervous abouyt putting together a routine. thoughts? pointers? thanks, glad to be back. also, is there any word on the NJ MUnithon this year. will their be one? will someone get people together to ride MUni this year. i really hope so.

regional show? you dumbass! You thought u could stop grog boy, but he’s back.

someone ban this idiot. grog boy nobody cares about what you have to say, what are you trying to do?