Regional humour variations?

Just spent a few days down in dear ol’ Devon, and rode a few of the military tracks on Dartmoor, part of the coast path near Bude (which I think is over the border into Kernow) and along the sea front and part of the coast path near Sidmouth.

At all three locations, several people turned to their children and remarked loudly, ‘Look, he’s got no handlebars!’ or word to that effect. I think I only got one ‘other wheel’ comment and about 15 - 20 handlebars comments. In my native Nottingham, it’s 99% wheel and 1% handlebar. I don’t know what it signifies, but it’s remarkable.

Best comment of the trip: I was riding one of the rough stone and grit tracks across the military ranges (no live firing in August) when a small group (a spitoon?) of soldiers in full combat gear and with guns advanced over the hill towards me. Wondering what my reception would be, I was pleasantly relieved and wholeheartedly amused when the nearest soldier shouted, ‘[expletive deleted] I want your autograph, mate!’